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Allergies & Dermatology from Your Vista CA Veterinarian

Itchy, red and smelly skin or ears? Household pets are susceptible to many dermatological conditions that can create significant discomfort and lead to a diminished quality of life for them and for you. The doctors at Palomar Animal Hospital have been trained to identify, diagnose and treat a broad range of skin disorders. We’ll examine your pet’s condition and with a combination of history and diagnostic tests, we’ll attempt to determine the exact cause of the symptoms and develop a plan to most effectively alleviate them.Common signs of a skin problem include:

excessive scratching
biting, chewing and/or licking a specific area
redness of the skin
fur loss and bald spots
scabs or open sores
unusual bumps or lumps in the skin
significant malodor

There are many causes for skin problems, including but not limited to parasites, infections,hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer. However, the most common underlying problem in our family pets is typically allergies. Pet allergies can be categorized into three types: flea sensitivity, food and environment. We will evaluate each pet individually and customize a treatment plan to achieve the most optimal results.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms in your own pet, it’s time to schedule a professional dermatological evaluation. Give us a call and we will help your beloved family member (and you) live a more comfortable life!

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