Pet Dentistry from your Vista, CA Veterinarian

Why do we care so much about your pet’s oral health?

Keeping a disease free oral cavity is one of the most proactive health and welfare things we can do for our pets. Literally every pet over the age of 4 has the need for yearly, thorough oral health evaluation combined with a dental cleaning. On a daily basis, we find patients with significant oral disease, including periodontal disease, loose, fractured teeth, and oral tumors.  These problems usually go completely unnoticed by the pet’s owner/parent. 

Our professional staff understands the profound benefit we can provide to the comfort and overall health of our patients through dental/oral care.  Each dental procedure is a thorough procedure from beginning to end.  Our close attention to detail and use of dental x-rays allows us to identify oral disease and eliminate it.

The key to keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is easy!  Yearly physical exams, yearly prophylactic cleaning/oral evaluation, and home care.  If this formula is followed, most pets will keep a healthy mouth throughout their lives. 

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