Pet Diagnostics from your Veterinarian in Vista CA

Animals are not able to communicate with us, their human caretakers, in a way that allows us to easily understand what they are feeling. We can get some indication that there is a problem if they change their eating or elimination habits, vocalize excessively or spend a lot more time sleeping, but diagnostics are usually necessary to get definitive answers. Diagnostics are tools that help our medical team get a look inside the physical and metabolic workings of your pet,and allow us to come up with an appropriate treatment plan. 

At Palomar Animal Hospital we have access to a comprehensive array of diagnostic tools including blood panels, urinalysis,cytology, radiographs and ultrasound. Some diagnostics we send to an outside laboratory for the most updated technology, but many are done in the hospital to get results in a timely fashion while you wait. Our diagnostic services will help us uncover your pet’s problem quickly so we can get your pet back on the path to good health as soon as possible.

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