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Exotic Pet Care from your Top Vista CA Veterinarians

The doctors at Palomar Animal Hospital have over 20 years of experience treating a myriad of exotic pet species. We have the equipment to do diagnostics such as bloodwork, radiographs and ultrasound at the hospital, as well as perform surgery on many different species. We are open 7 days a week and are available to treat your pet should a critical illness or trauma happen unexpectedly.

We are proud to serve the following exotic pets:

  • rabbits
  • birds
  • guinea pigs
  • hamsters
  • rats/mice
  • ferrets
  • hedgehogs
  • pet chickens
  • reptiles
  • and more...

    San Diego House Rabbit Society logo

Palomar Animal Hospital has enjoyed a 10 year plus relationship with the San Diego House Rabbit Society (SDHRS).  We provide medical services and perform surgeries on hundreds of shelter rabbits until they find their forever homes.  Additional information on rabbit care and/or how to adopt an available pet can be found by visiting the SDHRS website:  https://www.sandiegorabbits.org

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