Imaging: Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Imaging: Digital Radiography & Ultrasound from you top Vista CA Veterinarian

Digital Radiography (x-ray)

Palomar Animal Hospital (PAH) incorporates digital x-ray technology as a means to scan patients for soft tissue and bone abnormalities.The x-rays are immediately evaluated by one of our doctors.In addition, PAH employs a board certified veterinary radiologist who comes to PAH every other week to review all x-ray and ultrasound studies. The cost for this review is included in the imaging fees, in other words at no extra charge.

Digital Dental Radiography

When you go to your dentist, x-rays are an integral part of the oral exam.The same goes for your pet.PAH uses digital dental x-ray to make critical decisions about your pet’s oral health, and we can’t imagine practicing dentistry without this vital tool.


PAH doctors have been trained and performing ultrasound exams for over 15 years. Ultrasound imaging is used to evaluate abdominal, thoracic (primarily heart), and superficial structures.Having this skill set available on a daily basis is one thing that sets PAH apart from many other veterinary facilities.

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