Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy from your top Veterinarian in Vista CA

Therapeutic Laser

Since 2013 Palomar Animal Hospital has been using Class 4 therapeutic laser treatments in a wide variety of applications to reduce pain, inflammation and speed healing.  We use laser extensively for degenerative joint disease and perioperative pain control and in a wide number of other applications.

How does it work?

The energy transmitted by focused laser light has many photochemical properties (photobiomodulation) that accelerate the patient’s own cellular metabolism and results in extensively researched proven benefits. 

What conditions can be benefited from laser therapy?


Injuries such as sprains and strains, ligament injuries , osteoarthritis, Disc Disease, etc.


 Hot spots, ear infections, snake or insect bites, staph infections, etc.

Surgical Pain

Laser applied to surgery sites before or after surgery reduces pain and inflammation.


Post extraction or oral surgery pain relief.

Refer to Companion Laser website ( for a full description of the benefits and applications of therapeutic lasers in veterinary medicine.

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