Pet Surgery from your Veterinarian in Vista, CA

The doctors at Palomar Animal Hospital have many years of surgical experience.  Our spotless surgery suite is equipped with state of the art equipment to allow a safe clean environment to perform simple or complex procedures.  If the procedure warrants a specialist, PAH has a board certified veterinary surgeon come to our facility to perform the surgery.


 Prior to any surgery, your loved one will have a full evaluation, including lab work to evaluate their state of health.  This may be done days to weeks before the procedure, or the same day with our in-house laboratory.


Surgeries can be scheduled daily M-F, but emergency procedures can be done 7 days a week.  During surgery your pet is monitored by a technician and the use of various monitors.  Pulse rate, Respiration rate, temperature, oxygen saturation %, blood pressure, and end tidal CO2 are all the parameters we use to keep your pet safe. Heat support during anesthesia is provided by a variety of warming devices.


Once the surgery is complete, your pet will be transferred to a warm comfortable recovery cage or run in our treatment room where our staff can keep a close eye on them while recovering.  Vitals are monitored at specific intervals until your loved one is awake, alert, and normal temperature.

Pain Control

We are committed to our patients in providing adequate pain prevention. Your pet will be given pain preventative medication before the surgery and then postoperatively as needed. Most surgeries will also receive a pre and/or post-operative therapeutic laser treatment which reduces pain, decreases inflammation, and speeds healing. We do not perform laser on cancer surgery sites.

Pain preventative medication will be dispensed for your pet upon discharge from our hospital.

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