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Wellness & Vaccinations from your Vista CA Veterinarian

At Palomar Animal Hospital, we believe that preventative medicine and routine wellness care are the greatest gifts we can give our animal companions. Pets age at a faster rate than humans, so it’s important that they be examined on a regular basis. It starts with an annual or semi-annual physical exam during which the doctor will evaluate your pet’s entire body to make sure everything is functioning the way it should. The information we gather during the wellness exam allows us to develop a clear and accurate picture of your pet’s overall health. We can then use this information as a guide to monitor and identify any abnormal changes as they occur, and allow us to treat issues as soon as possible. We will also use the wellness exam as a time to discuss diet recommendations, weight management and effective parasite control.This can greatly improve the length and quality of your companion’s life.

Like human checkups, wellness visits are also an excellent opportunity to discuss and update recommended vaccinations. Dogs and cats need regular vaccinations to prevent many serious illnesses, some of which can be fatal. Depending on your pet’s activities and exposure risk, the doctors at Palomar Animal Hospital will tailor a comprehensive vaccination plan for your pet’s individual needs. We also take into consideration the most updated vaccine recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association - our pledge is to only vaccinate for what is necessary and at a frequency that is consistent with current health guidelines.

Palomar Animal Hospital offers comprehensive wellness care for pets of all species, breeds and ages, including special vaccine packages for puppies and kittens. Let’s get your family companion on the path to a lifetime of good health.

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